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5 Times Square Office Tower (Back to top)
Owner: Boston Properties
Location:    5 Times Square
New York, NY
Client: AMEC Construction Management, Inc.
Value: $14,500,000

Tight sites for construction projects are not uncommon in New York. More often than not, project teams rise to the challenge. But when that site is landlocked by subway stations on three sides and a landmark theater on another, no room is left for Con Edison vaults below the sidewalks. The project team decided to put the vaults on the third floor of the new, $150 million, 38-story, 575-foot-high, 1.1 million square foot building.

E-J Electric’s team built a complete Con Edison Spot Network within the vaults. This network consists of four 4100-480/277Volt power transformers (with expansion capabilities to six), network protectors and collector bus. E-J ran 5kV power conductors, within concrete-encased five-inch rigid metal conduits that sweep up from behind street level to the third floor.

To deliver base building power E-J installed a lineup of four, 6000Amp service switchgear arrays, feeding four duct risers (one for every nine floors), with tap-offs to transformers. To compensate for the voltage drop experienced at higher floor levels, the bus duct runs are rated at both 4000A and 5000A.

A 1500 watt- rated standby diesel generator provides power for emergency lighting circuits and other vital loads, if utility-supplied power to the building is ever lost.

Combining creativity with technology, a unique façade lighting installation provides dramatic visual identification to this Times Square office tower. E-J Electric also installed an UL-listed lighting protection system for the office tower.

NY Times Headquarters Building (Back to top)
Owner: The New York Times Building, LLC.
Location:    620 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY
Client: AMEC Construction Management, Inc.
Value: $21,950,000
New 1.54 million sq. foot 52-story Hi-Rise project consisting of (3) units: the retail space about 20,000 square feet, the commercial office space about 600,000 square feet, and the NY Times headquarters about 845,000 square feet. The balance of the 75,000 square feet were common areas. There is extensive outside lighting of the tower portion performed and ornamental screening around the tower, as well as a 300 foot mast for communications systems. In addition, there will be (2) 750kW natural gas cogeneration sets. They will run in parallel for a total capacity of 1500kW. This power will be used as the primary power plant with utility (ConEd) power as a "peaking" unit for the NY Times portion of the building. Through a series of automatic transfer switches, this cogeneration power can be isolated or integrated with the building's power network.
AT&T World Headquarters (Back to top)
Owner: AT&T
Location:    550 Madison Avenue
New York, NY
Client: Crow/Briscoe
Value: $22,000,000
Installed all power, lighting and communication systems for the company's new 37-story office tower at 550 Madison Avenue. Systems included fire alarm, sound systems, security and emergency power.
Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Back to top)
Owner: Related Properties
Location:    10 Columbus Circle - Time Warner Bldg.
New York, NY
Client: Bovis Lend Lease, LMB
Value: $13,950,000
The Mandarin Oriental Hotel is a 5-Star hotel consisting of 251 rooms, located at Columbus Circle within the Time Warner building. Work consisted of electrical installation for the 20 floor building including a restaurant, a sky lobby, a spa, swimming pool, three kitchens, and a Grand Ballroom.
United Nations Construction and Maintenance (Back to top)
Owner: United Nations
Location:    42nd Street & 1st Avenue
New York, NY
Client: United Nations
Value: $80,000,000
The United Nations contracted E-J to maintain electrical, electronic, broadcasting and communications systems throughout the New York Headquarters. An engineering staff and a workforce of over 140 electricians and technicians were permanently on site. E-J budgeted all proposed projects and reviewed the design from an engineering standpoint before installation. We varied the size of our workforce to meet changing requirements. Our staff also worked on long term projects and the redesign of systems to improve efficiency and reduce costs. We brought Con-Edison energy saving/rebate programs to the facility and constantly discussed new technology (from lighting controls and premises distribution to simultaneous translation). We continuously deliver multi-faceted projects for the UN. Working in active occupied spaces while minimizing impacts to UN diplomatic and organizational operations.
World Trade Center Security System (Back to top)
Owner: Port Authority of NY & NJ
Location:    5 WTC
New York, NY
Client: Port Authority of NY & NJ
Value: $30,100,000
E-J was Prime Contractor for 34 million-dollar Design/Build/Maintain project for the WTC Security System. The site consists of four buildings on a sixteen acre “footprint”, two major towers of 110 stories, rising to 1,350 feet with each floor consisting of about one acre in area. This design-build security project included: control access to sensitive building areas, access controls to interior building areas, centralize security monitoring and coordination, system redundancy using a Parking Access Control system, CCTV system, Door Access Control system, Intrusion Detection/Alarm system, lobby turnstiles & barriers, visitors desk stations, digital badging, door locking, intercoms, and duress alarms. E-J erected a primary Security Command Center and a backup Security Command Center, Master Computer system as well as Redundant Computer systems including a Communication Network utilizing 1,500,000 feet of fiber optic cable and a backup electrical power supply system. E-J was chosen on a negoitiated basis using technology, long term maintenance, management ability and price as a criteria.


As prime contractor, E-J had the engineer, general contractor and security integrator all working under its supervision.

Jewish Community Center on the Upper West Side (Back to top)
Owner: Jewish Community Center
Location:    344 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY
Client: AMEC Construction Management, Inc.
Value: $10,475,000
New 11-story, 137,000 sq. foot building on southwest corner of Amsterdam Avenue and 76th Street. The new site includes everything from a nursery school, to a senior center, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, exercise facilities, auditorium, banquet facilities, library, photography lab, culinary arts center, teen center and a spiritual contemplation area. The building has eight above ground floors and three levels below ground.
Rihga Royal Hotel/Concordia Hotel (Back to top)
Owner: Rihga Royal Hotel
Location:    151 West 54th Street
New York, NY
Client: Tishman Construction
Value: $10,000,000
The completion of this 55-story hotel, consisting of 150 hotel suites, two restaurants and one parking facility which E-J Electric was awarded after original contractor could not fulfill their obligation to builders. E-J was awarded the project at ten percent electrical completion and worked to meet the demands of a high-rise construction project.
Federal Reserve Bank (Back to top)
Owner: Federal Reserve Bank
Location:    33 Maiden Lane
New York, NY
Client: AJ Contracting Co.
Value: $6,500,000
Complete electrical office renovation totaling over $6 Million. Project included thirteen floors of office space, conference rooms, kitchen and cafeteria. Work performed included all lighting and programmable lighting control, convenience power and distribution, a new 2500A service switch for rooftop chillers, fire alarm system extension, security systems including access control, alarm, and CCTV and audio/visual installations.
Mt. Sinai – Emergency Power Expansion (Back to top)
Owner: Mt. Sinai Medical Center
Location:    Annenberg Building
New York, NY
Client: E-J Electric Installation Co.
Value: $4,200,000
As a Prime Contractor on this project, our scope included all electrical and general construction work required to furnish and install two new 1500kW generators, complete with Zenith automatic synchronization switchgear, ten automatic transfer switches and a new 20,000-gallon fuel oil tank. This equipment was installed in a fully functional hospital and research facility without disruption of day to day operations. The power distribution from the generator consists of the installation of over 15,000 feet of 3 ½” conduit and 50,000 feet of cable from the third sub-basement generator room to the main service room on the 9th floor and a conduit system up to the 27th floor.


Due to space restrictions, the generators and 3,000 ampere transfer switch had to be disassembled and reassembled. The vertical risers required the use of a bosum’s chair for access into the available riser space. The project was completed in approximately 10 months from start to finish.

Bear Stearns 2nd, 6th, 12th & 13th Floors (Back to top)
Owner: Bear Stearns
Location:    383 Madison Avenue
New York, NY
Client: F.J. Sciame Construction Co.
Value: $4,100,000
Specialty floors, executive dining rooms, two large kitchens, board room, president and executive suite area for Investment Bank’s World headquarters at 383 Madison, specialty floor fit-out including main auditorium, board room, executive conference rooms, video teleconference rooms, executive dining, cafeteria and restaurants. Entire executive office floor is included in this project.
425 Lexington Avenue (Back to top)
Owner: Olympia & York
Location:    425 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY
Client: Crow Construction Co.
Value: $4,000,000
Complex 625,000 sq. ft. new office building project which E-J Electric was awarded when the original contractor forfeited their bond. Met critical installation dates to insure a certificate of occupancy for the owner.
Austrian Cultural Forum (Back to top)
Owner: Bundes & Immobilien Geselshaft
Location:    11 East 52nd Street
New York, NY
Client: Barney Skanska USA
Value: $3,000,000
23-story building consulate headquarters where we installed power, communications, fire alarm, security, CCTV systems and an emergency 150kW generator. Project required finite coordination to fit all systems into an extremely tight building foot print.
1466 Broadway Infrastructure Upgrade (Back to top)
Owner: SL Green Realty Corp.
Location:    1466 Broadway, New York, NY
Client: SL Green Realty Corp
Value: $1,350,000
We furnished and installed one 4000 Amp service with new Con-Edison takeoff for all sixteen floors and a busduct feeder for high and low voltage distribution.
Phillip Morris (Back to top)
Owner: Philip Morris Co.
Location:    100-120 Park Avenue, 6th Floor (Park Avenue & 41st Street)
New York, NY
Client: Accord Construction
Value: $800,000
Installation of internal fiber optic backbone and Category 5 station cabling to workstations which included computer revamping to update technology.
Colgate Palmolive (Back to top)
Owner: Colgate Palmolive
Location:    300 Park Avenue
New York, NY
Value: $800,000
Ongoing electrical maintenance of all Colgate Palmolive office space on 18 floors, 605,000 sq. ft. at 300 Park Avenue. On-site maintenance staff increases to perform major renovations and lighting retrofits. Additional work included installing sub-meters on all panels.
Rockefeller Center Building #10 (Back to top)
Owner: Rockefeller Center
Location:    10 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY
Client: Rockefeller Management
Value: $600,000
Emergency Power Distribution installed in Rockefeller Center Building 10, an existing occupied building. Work included the installation of eight automatic transfer switches and power distribution panels within seventeen floors of 10 Rockefeller Center. New risers through existing mechanical shaftways in a fully occupied 20-story building and fitted out a transfer switch room remote from the generator.

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